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Saint Stephen

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The OCCSCP Young Adult Fellowship is designed for young adults ages 18-35 who are going through the transition from school to the working world. Bridging the gap between youth and adulthood with faith and fellowship, the OCCSCP stands as a stepping stone for the many smaller young adult groups in south central Pennsylvania.


Mission Statement

     As the Orthodox Council of Churches of South Central Pennsylvania, Young Adult Fellowship (OCCSCP YAF), we commit to nurturing our spiritual journeys through understanding the Apostolic Church, studying the teachings of Christ in the Orthodox faith, and participating in worship (Liturgia) and social activities under spiritual guidance.  Together, in fellowship (Koinonia), we create a ministry dedicated to personal growth, support and accountability to each other and to others (Martyria), and service to our surrounding communities (Diakonia).  Furthermore, as the OCCSCP YAF, we intend to provide motivation and support to smaller, local, young adult groups through various ministry and correspondence efforts.

Liturgia – Participation in the Divine Liturgy, the Holy Sacraments, and other Worship services is a key part of ministry-sponsored events and activities.

Martyria – Through retreat discussions, conference workshops, and service activities, young adults are encouraged to be a Witness of our faith, growing deeper in understanding and more committed in practice.

Diakonia – Service projects, whether on a national, regional, or local level, provide opportunities for us to follow Christ’s example of loving our neighbor.

Koinonia – A central focus of all young adult activities is Fellowship with other Orthodox Christians. 



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